Tuesday - July 7th, 2015
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Private Lessons


Private Lessons: We strongly encourage all SGSP students to enroll in private lessons, beginning during or immediately after the Explorers level classes. Private lessons have rolling admissions; students may begin at any point during the year by contacting one of the teachers listed below and arranging a mutually convenient time.


Student Assistants are upperclassmen or graduate students who offer 30-minute lessons for $60 per month ($15 per lesson). 60-minute lessons are also available ($30). These teachers have passed a barrier jury, have several years of teaching experience, and/or completed the methods or pedagogy teacher-training course.


Vitor E Matos Albuquerq vematosalbuquerq@valdosta.edu, GA

Mariana Krewer mkrewer@valdosta.edu, GA

Daniela S Da Cruz dsdacruz@valdosta.edu, GA

Mario Rivera mrrivera@valdosta.edu, SA

Maria L Santacruz mlsantacruz@valdosta.edu, SA

Tiffany Ryce tjryce@valdosta.edu, SA

Danielle Mcneil damcneil@valdosta.edu, SA

Alexandra M Lipsky amlipsky@valdosta.edu, SA

Johanna Zimler jezimler@valdosta.edu

Apprentices are freshmen and sophomores who are learning how to teach for the first time. They offer lessons at the $8 per hour ($4 per 30 min) rate.


Elma Sanabria easanabria@valdosta.edu, app.


Da'nette Stevens dlstevens@valdosta.edu, app.

Piano Lessons ($15/30 min):

Sara Seligosky seseligosky@valdosta.edu

Bass Lessons (VSU professor – sets his own rate):

Tod Leavitt tjleavitt@valdosta.edu

***We have VERY LIMITED funds for financial aid. For students in need, we can offer lessons with an Apprentice or reduced-rate lessons with a Student Assistant ($10 instead of $15 per lesson). Aid is awarded based on need and merit, according to the financial aid form submitted on or before first day of class. Families may apply for ONE type of financial aid only (lesson assistance, loaner instrument, OR fee waiver).