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Designed By: Zsavai Page

My name is Zsavai Page and I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I have been admitted into the Early Childhood and Special Education program here at VSU, and I will be recieving a bachelors in education as well as a minor in Spanish. My career as a teacher will be a rewarding one, because I love helping others. I love my school and its location since its not too far from home and close to the beaches!



Coming to Valdosta State not only furthered my education greatly, but I also have  met some of the most wonderful people here that I plan on being friends with for the rest of my life. I love them! It is important for me to take time out for myself when I'm not studying, and do things I enjoy. So in my free time I love spending time with my friends, cooking, shopping (for shoes!), drawing, taking pictures, and most importantly eating :) When I'm cooking I love trying out new recipes so I use The Food Network website on a daily basis, its definitely my favorite!

I have recently changed my teaching preference to teaching kindergarten. As a future teacher I hope to motivate young children to do nothing but excel, because I believe you can do anything you put your mind to. I found two websites that I feel can be useful to other kindergarten teachers:

As a child I really liked Arthur, so at this website you can actually find Arthur Lesson Plans. It is very useful when it comes
to creating interactive lessons in your classroom.
Initially I wanted to major in Art education, but without limiting myself I realized there are many ways you can incorporate art into your teaching.  I found a website that has plenty of Art Activities for Kindergarten Students.


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