Your Neighborhood Friends
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Thomas' Pre-K class at Satilla Elementary School By Yolanda Daniels, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

people that work in the community

Have you ever wondered why we have doctors, policeman, teachers, librarians, firemen, garbage custodians, cooks, veterinarians, bus drivers and mechanics?  We call these people Community Helpers.  A community helper is anyone in the community who helps others by providing a service of some kindThey are all different and have different jobs.  Did you know that these people also work in other states or countries?  Oh yes, they work all over the world.  So you see they are very important people.  We are going to learn about these different people and what they do for our community.  Take a look at the sites below to learn more about their jobs.

Fireman keep us safe from fires.  Click on fire safety to play a fun activity.  Do you know what to do if you were faced with a fire?  Firemen wear safety uniforms that keep them from getting burned. Now more information on fires.

Teachers help us learn things in school.  We use our knowledge to go on and become what we want.  Click on teacher to see what they do on a daily basis.
Police officers help keep you and your neighborhood safe from robbers, and bad people with guns.  They make sure people follow rules.  Here are some safety tips for you. Police officers work all around the world helping boys and girls like you.  
man with a wrench
What do you think this guy is?  He is a mechanic.  He work on cars, trucks, and even your bus.  There are different parts of a car. Vehicles break down all the time.  He helps by fixing things like tires, brakes or oil that need to be put in the car.  The mechanic has tips to working on cars.  Now you can learn how to fix on a car.
man with trash can
Garbage men help keep the environment clean.  When you place your garbage can outside, do you think about where it might be going?  You must help keep the environment clean too.  We call this recycle.  We separate cans, bottles, and cardboard.  Later these things can be used for something else.  Click on this online encyclopedia to learn more about a community.
man in dentist chair
Dentist work on our teeth to keep them healthy. When you are sick or hurt, the doctor is there to help. Doctors check to see what is wrong and make you feel better.  Sometimes you see a doctor for check-ups so that you don't get sick. If you get sick or hurt at school, you can see your school nurse.  For more a healthy body start here.
children in the lunch line We love going to the lunchroom.  The people there are special cooks.  They prepare our food healthy and delicious.  They must know what favorite foods to choose for a healthy diet
lady with cat
Veterinarians are animal doctor and they work really hard to protect animals from diseases.  Some animals are kept if they are lost and sick.  Now you can learn how to take care a pet.  Just like we have doctors when we are sick.  Check this out to play with a few animals.
animated bus
School bus drivers are known as Student Transportation Safety Specialists.  Bus drivers pick you up and drop you off after school.  Bus drivers also take students on tours all over the world.  Click here for your tour.  And also click this online encyclopedia to learn what a helper is.
mailman in front of house
Postmen deliver the mail. When you have mail to send they pick it up and  send it for you. It could be raining or snowing, they still work hard to get you mail.  Check out this site for neat activities. Do you know your address?

a sunny day
Now that you have explored the websites and learned about  what community helpers are and their different jobs
, you will get a chance to be one too.  Now I want you to imagine that you are a community helper.  You will choose only one helper and tell why it is important to you.  You will also draw a picture of the helper.  Then you will tell who you are and what your job is.
Have a great day helping out your neighbors!

who we are
Mission Steps
1. Explore the websites above to get more ideas and choose your favorite helper.
2. Draw a picture of yourself as the helper and tell what you are doing.
3. Explain to your teacher why you chose your particular helper by giving examples of the kind of work your helper does.
4. Give your drawing to the teacher so she can post it on the Internet for others to see.

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