Ten Little Ladybugs
Author Melanie Gerth
Page Designed by Yolanda Daniels

Ten Ladybugs

This is an exciting rhyming book that teaches a child to count backwards from ten to one.  It is very colorful.  It has a three-dimensional ladybug that stays throughout the pages.  The concept of the ladybug helps a child to count backwards.

TEN little ladybugs sitting on a vine, along came a butterfly-then there were...
NINE little ladybugs skipping on a gate, along came a caterpillar-then there were...
EIGHT little ladybugs looking up at heaven, along came a bird-then there were...
SEVEN little ladybugs resting on sticks, along came a grasshopper-then there were...
SIX little ladybugs flying near a hive, along
came a bumble bee-then there were...
FIVE little
ladybugs sleeping by the shore, along came a fish-then there were...
little ladybugs climbing up a tree, along came a turtle-then there were...
little ladybugs drinking up dew, along came a duck-then there were...
little ladybugs basking in the sun, along came a frog-then there was...
ONE little ladybug sitting all alone, along came a breeze-then she was HOME!!

I really love this story.  I believe that children would enjoy this book because of its colorful pages.  This book also teaches a child words that rhyme, but are spelled differently.  These words are highlighted in the paragraph above. 

colored ladybugCritical Thinking Questionscolored ladybug1
1. What other bug could have been used to learn counting?

2. Why do you think there were only ten ladybugs?

3. What would have happen if there were only nine ladybugs?

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