Freckles Sneaks Out

Author -  Eugene Bradley Coco

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Summary of story

Freckles is a brown cat with black spots,  who lived in a big house with many people.  Freckles was left at home all alone one day in the big house.  He  search through out the house trying to find someone to play with.    He search in every room and realized he was alone.

    So Freckles decided to go outside and see what he could find,
  thinking there would be many fun things to do. First, he slid on the grass and played with a ball.  He ran to the lake and swam and afterwards he went to the park and played on the play ground.

    After awhile Freckles became hungry, and he decided to go back home.  To his surprise when he returned home, guess what was waiting for him.  His bowl filled with food and everyone was so happy to see him.

1. What would you do if you were left at home all alone?

2. Do you think Freckles was scared, and how do you know that?

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