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Hey!  My name is Whitney Odom.  I attend Valdosta State University where I am currently a Junior.  I am in my first professional block of Early Childhood Education.   I have always wanted to be a teacher, and I cannot wait to get into the classroom.  I commute everyday to Valdosta State.  I live in Adel, which is about twenty minutes away.  I am also currently engaged!  The man that I am engaged to is Jason Lasseter, and he also lives in Adel.  I have been dating him for three years.  I hope to get married in May of 2009!  My expected graduation date is December of 2009. 

Me and Jason

Being a full time student it is hard to have very many hobbies because I am so tied up with school work all the time.  When I do have some time on my hands I love to do scrapbooking.  I have made and finished three scrapbooks.  I am about to start on my fourth one.  One other thing  I enjoy doing  is going and watching  the Georgia games.  I am a huge Bulldog fan.  We used to live in Athens, Georgia.  My mom graduated from the University of Georgia, so being a Georgia fan sort of runs in the family!  Athens is a fun and wonderful place to visit, especially on game days!


downtown Athens

Teachers need all the help they can get these days.  Sometimes teachers need new ideas or just things to help them get started brain storming for a lesson.  One helpful website I found is called A to Z Teacher Stuff.  This is a web site to help find activities for all subjects.  Another great resource is the Georgia Learning Connections.  This website has good resources teachers can use.  It also lists the Georgia Standards.

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Student Resources

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Ways I Can Integrate Technology

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LiveText Portfolio

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E-Book Website

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E-Book Lesson Plan 1

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Website for Practicum Teaching Classrooms

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Website for Student Teaching Classroom

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Educational Activities Website for Student Teaching