The Rainbow Fish
By: Mark Pfister
Paint Picture and Story Designed By: Whitney Fulp

rainbow fish

    The Rainbow Fish lived in the deep, blue ocean with all the other fish. However, the Rainbow Fish was not an ordinary fish. He was covered with beautiful, shiny scales.

    The other fish loved to look at the Rainbow Fish because they thought he was very pretty. They always invited the Rainbow Fish to play with them, but he ignored them and swam away. The Rainbow Fish was not very friendly to the other fish.

    One fish decided to ask the Rainbow Fish for one of his beautiful scales, but the Rainbow Fish would not give him one. The other fish heard of what the Rainbow Fish had done and would not have anything to do with him. The Rainbow Fish was very lonely and decided to ask the wise octopus for some advice. The Rainbow Fish really wanted to be friends with all the other fish.

Critical Thinking Question:

1. What do you think the wise octopus told the Rainbow Fish to do?

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