Zoo Animals
This Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed
 for Mr. Keen's Kindergarten Class at Dewar Elementary School
Designed By Whitney Mengel, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Is it ever hard to figure out  how to spell animals names? One way to figure out how to spell the words correctly is by the Internet. Spelling is an important skill for children to learn, process and master. 
Have you ever had a question about an animal, but you did not know the answer? Check out Kids Go Wild to find out the answer.  Come along to see where animals live, what animals eat and how long they live. Seeing is believing.
giraffe How tall is a Giraffe?
How long is a Giraffe's neck?
Find out these anwers by looking at Kbears.
Children always want to know more and more about animals.  Have you ever had a hard time finding animal information?  Try reading about animals from  Zoobooks.

Safari Hunt
Students, today we are going to pretend we are going on a Safari in Africa.  We might see, elephants, giraffes, hippos or all three.  We might see the animals eating, traveling in packs or feeding their young.   As we travel through the jungles and deserts you will need to identify each wild animal.  Remember, bring your cameras because today is going to a memorable day.
Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1. Today we will go through the jungles looking for  wild animals
2. Once you find the animals and their names, match the animals with their names.
3. Next, identify the animals, then assemble the letters correctly to form the names of the animals.
4. Take the paper and divide it into 4 sections.
5. Think about all of the animals they saw during the safari.
6.  Draw your own jungle or desert using the animals they saw.
7. Finally, share your drawings with the class.

Topic Literature Activity
Dear Zoo
 Author: Rod Campbell


Topic Literature Activity


A. Have you ever wondered about sending away for an animal from the zoo?  What kind of animal would you choose and why?  Come and find out what is at the zoo at Zookid.  Link that introduces your topic information and has a connection with your literature book.
B.  List your 4 questions of understanding that you are going to ask your students while reading the book to them. ( These are some 4 questions of understanding in your lesson plan.
1. How many animals are in the book?
2. What did the animals get sent in by the zoo?
3. What was the first animal sent from the zoo?
4. What was the last animal sent by the zoo and is it a zoo animal?

List your 2 critical thinking questions that goes with your book.( these to 2 questions in your lesson plan.)
1. What are the ways to send the animals back to the zoo?
2. If you were the author of this book, what animals would you send from the zoo?

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