This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Wanda Brown's future 3rd grade students
By Wanda Brown,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Have you ever wondered how the state of Georgia got it's

 name?  Do you know the name of the

 state flower for Georgia?  Do you know how to become a

  Junior Ranger for the state?  All of

 these questions can be answered here.

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Do you know the capital of Georgia? Find out here.

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To find out how the people in Georgia make money from the

 land and farming visit this site.

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  Have you been anywhere interesting in Georgia?  Would you

 like to visit somewhere interesting?
 Find out some of the best

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Click here for a complete listing of the state symbols for the

 state of Georgia.

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Need to know  facts about the state of Georgia?  Click here for

 the answers.

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Do you know how the state flower of Georgia got it's name?

  Click here to find out.

Mission Project

     Pretend that you are going  to a  interview for a job.  The job
that you will be interviewing for will be as a reporter on television for the state of Georgia.
     In order to prepare yourself for this interview  you will need to be able to draw a picture of your favorite attraction site located  in Georgia.  If you need help with this click on  best places.  You will also need to be able to list five of the state symbols .  You could find out these things by clicking on the state symbols link in the space by the flag.

Mission Steps

1.Visit the sites "best places" and "state symbols".

2.Draw a picture of an attraction in Georgia that is interesting to

3. Tell what your picture is and some facts about your favorite Georgia attraction.

4.Make a list of five state symbols for the state of Georgia.

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