My Teacher Sleeps in School
Paint Picture and Story
 by Whitney Butler

My Teacher Sleeps in School

by Leatie Weiss

an elephant teaching school

         This cute little story is about a teacher named, Mrs. Marsh, and her classroom.  Mrs. Marsh's classroom is full of elephant children.  On the walk home Molly and Gary are talking and discussing that they think their teacher, Mrs. Marsh, sleeps at school.  Molly thinks that since Mrs. Marsh is there when they get to school and she is there when they leave to go home for the day that Mrs. Marsh sleeps at school.  Molly thinks that the classroom is Mrs. Marsh's house. 
         The next day when Molly and Gary return to school they can hardly do their work because they are to busy looking for clues to see if Mrs. Marsh really does live at school or not.  Well pretty soon the word gets out and now Lisa and Jason are thinking that maybe the school really is Mrs. Marshs' house. The children are talking and they are wondering where does Mrs. Marsh keep her clothes and where does she eat dinner.
        Mrs. Marsh caught onto all of the silly things that these children were thinking and so Mrs. Marsh decided that she would take them on a field trip.  Can you guess where Mrs. Marsh took her class?  Mrs. Marsh ended up taking her children to her house to let them know that the school is not her home.  While they were there, Mrs. Marsh, showed them where she cooked her supper, where she did her laundry, where she brushed her teeth, and where she went to bed.  The children now know that Mrs. Marsh doesn't live at school.                 


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