Come Sea What's Happening in Mrs. Holly's Class
by: Whitney Butler

small dolphin jumping               a dolphin jumping                 small dolphin jumping

              I am having a wonderful practicum experience at Garrison Pilcher Elementary School.  Garrison Pilcher is an Elementary School that is made up of children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade and that is located in Thomasville, Georgia.

      swimming fish                      fish in the middle                    right swimming fish                                           

          I am very lucky to have a mentor teacher like Mrs. Holly.  Mrs. Holly has a classroom full of 21 exciting kindergarteners.  In her classroom there are 9 boys and 12 girls.  Mrs. Holly is very laid back and mellow with her children and I like that.   Mrs. Holly is assisted by her wonderful paroprofessional, Ms. Sonja. 
angelfish in a school
            Mrs. Holly's kindergarteners stay very busy throughout the day.  They begin their morning with breakfast.  Then the class gets all pumped up with dancing and singing.  They sing the months of the year, the days of the week, and then a song they talks about how the weather is going to  for the day.  Then the students take a quick snack break and return back to the class for literacy centers.  The literacy centers is where I actually get to help and interact with the children.                                      


                                                octopus swimming

 fish                                                                                                     betta swimming

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