Whitney's Waterfall Way
Designed by Whitney Williams

me in front of bushkill falls

    Hi, my name is Whitney Williams and I am from Thomasville, GA.  I am currently in my first professional block for teacher education at Valdosta State University.  I am a junior and enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program.  My expected graduation date is May 2008.  I'm excited about becoming a teacher.  I hope to teach 2nd grade once I graduate!

bushkill falls in pennsylvania

    My family has a house on Lake Seminole.  I love going to the lake house to relax.  My brother, sister, and I enjoy tubing around the lake as well as kneeboarding.  We just got a new jet ski and we are eager to try it out!  I enjoy riding the boat and soaking up the sun as well.  I also love the beach.  My favorite place to go is Destin, FL.  I can find all of my favorite things there:  the beach, shopping, and great restaurants.
me, my sister, and my mom in New York City

    As you can tell, I love waterfalls.  My family and I recently took a vacation to the Pennsylvania/New York area.  We spent half a day at Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania.  I was completely in awe at the beauty of nature.  We also spent a full day in New York City.  That was an experience in itself.  I would love to visit NY City again someday.

mini waterfall

    I have found many websites that will be helpful to me when I become a teacher.  The Scholastic webpage is one of my favorite.  Teachers.net is another website that has a lot of material for teachers to choose from.

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the american flag painted on a huge rock
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