If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
Paint Picture and Story by Waltraud Williams

If You Give a Mouse A Cookie

By Laura Joffe Numeroff
Illustrator Felicia Bond

mouse and cookie

     If you give a mouse a cookie he will need a glass of milk to go with the cookie. When he is finished he will need a mirror so he can check and see if he has a milk mustache. When he looks in the mirror he notices that he needs a trim so he will need a pair of scissors. When he gets the scissors and gives himself a trim, he'll keep asking for more and more things.
    Then just when you think he is finally finished asking guess what he will ask for? Yes! You guessed right. He will ask for a cookie.
    When he gets the cookie do you think it will start all over again? Do you think it will ever stop? You better watch out if a mouse comes and asks you for a cookie.

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