The Crunching Munching Caterpillar
By Sheridan Cain & Jack Tickle
Picture and Design By Vicki Lewis

    Today we are going to talk about a very crunchy,munchy little caterpillar. The name of our book is, The Crunchy Munchy Caterpillar by Sheridan Cain and Jack Tickle.
    Our story starts with our caterpillar happily eating away on a blackberry bush. YUM YUM. Along comes a busy little bumblebee. My oh my, our caterpillar likes the bees wings. All caterpillars have are lots of legs, you can not fly with only legs. Next a beautiful bird flies nearby. Caterpillar would love to fly like that bird, but caterpillars are a little heavy so they must walk.
    The next visitor is a lovely nice butterfly. Caterpillar tells the butterfly how much it would like to fly. The butterfly tells caterpillar not to worry anything could be possible. Butterfly says that caterpillar looks really tired after all the munching and crunching he has been doing and that caterpillar should take a rest.
    Guess what happened when caterpillar woke up next spring. That's right, he had the most gorgeous wings he had ever seen. He was a very happy butterfly.

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