Farm Animal Fun
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Hier's Kindergarten class at Quitman Elementary School by Vanessa L. Lindquist, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Dancing Farm Animals

Have you ever been to a farm?  Do you know what kind of animals are on a farm?  What do the animals do on the farm?  What sounds do farm animals make?  Today we are going to take a trip through websites and learn about many different farm animals.  So get ready to have fun as we explore chickens, pigs, ducks, goats, cows, horses, sheep, cats and dogs.

If you like putting together puzzles, then click here to put together farm animal puzzles.
Do you know all the different sounds that farm animals make?  If you visit this site, you can hear them.

If you want to see real pictures of farm animals, check out this site.

Did you know that a duck's feet cannot feel cold even if it swims in icy cold water?  Find out why at this website!
Did you know that goats regurgitate their food and then chew it thoroughly before swallowing it for the last time?  Read about this interesting fact and many others at Enchanted Learning.
Would you like to research farm animals in the encyclopedia?  Just visit

Mission Activity

Imagine that you work on a farm taking care of all the animals.  Today is a very special day on the farm because you will have children visiting for a field trip.  Your task is to take the children on a tour to see the many different animals that are raised on the farm.   In order to prepare for giving the tour, you must go to the Kiddyhouse website and learn all you can about the first animal that you will show- the duck.  You will make a tour guide about the goats to give to your students.

Mission Steps
1)  First you must go to the Kiddyhouse website and find the link for ducks.

2)  After finding the link, you should draw a picture of a duck on paper and color it so    
     your students will know what a duck looks like.  Do not forget to draw the webbed    

3)  Next, you should explore the duck page and find out another name for ducks, how 
     long they live, and one thing that makes ducks special.  You could also write down    
     what ducks say. You should write these three things under the picture of your duck.

4)  Now you are ready to show your guide to your classmates and instructor.  Good   
     Job!  Mission Accomplished!

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