Buzzy the Bumblebee

Written by Denise Brennan-Nelson
Illustrated by Michael Glenn Monroe
Page and Picture designed by Vanessa L. Lindquist


   Buzzy is a happy bumblebee who loves to fly around in the sky.
Buzzy also loves to read.  One day, he was sitting on a flower reading a book.

  The book said that bumblebees were not made to fly because their wings were too small. Buzzy began to think that he could no longer fly.

    Now, Buzzy was sad.  He had to crawl down the flower, float on a leaf across the river, and run through tall grass just to get home. 

  Buzzy asked his parents why they never told him that bumblebees were not made to fly.  Buzzy's Mother and Father told him that he could fly and to listen to his own heart, not to what other people have to say. Buzzy smiled.

Can you give your own prediction of how you think the story will end?

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