Dolphin Daze
This TopicQuest was designed for  Madison and Hallie
By Vicky Jackson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

jumping dolphins

This web page gives us a lot of interesting facts about dolphins.  So get your scuba gear and  jump in and explore the life of our dolphin friends along with me.  We will learn about dolphins and see many exciting pictures.  Have you ever seen a dolphin  frolicking in the  ocean?  You can sometimes see them early in the morning  playing  in the waves.  So let's go exploring!

dancing dolphin dancing dancing2 dancing3

big dolphin
  If you want to play some   Games with our friends click on this site.
dolphin kiss
 Dolphins are  not yet endangered but are pretty close to being endangered.  Endangered means almost gone.  Click on this site if you want to know more.
   What have you learned? Take a test and see. 
 dolphin up class     Do you want to learn how dolphins swim?  Click here   to find out!
 ocean life     A  dolphin isn't the only creature in the ocean.  He has several  friends. Click here to meet them.  

Here is an encyclopdedia to help you learn more about our dolphin  friends.
dancing dolp dancing dolp dancing dolp dancing dolp1

You are on vacation with your parents on an exotic island.  You are going scuba diving  all by yourself.  You meet  a very special friend while diving.  Guess what!!  Your special friend is a dolphin.  You are excited about your new friend and want to write a letter to your friend at home.  Your letter must include at least 3 things you've learned about your friend.  Your letter should make your friend feel as if she knew your special friend.  Give your special friend a name.  You can include a drawing  of your special friend in you letter.


  1.  Visit this website,encyclopedia to refresh your memory
      about dolphins.

  2.  Name your special friend.
  3.  Pick a friend at home to write to.

  4.  Write a letter to your friend at home describing your new          friend. You must include at least 3 facts about dolphins
         in your letter.

     5.    Draw Your dolphin and include it in your letter

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