Just Pooling Around
This Topicquest was designed for Seth and Brittany (age 5)
 By Ginny Hulett, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


What do like to do in the summer?  I bet it has something to do with swimming.  Where do you like to swim?  In a pool, at the beach, or maybe just in a pond.  Today we are going to learn tips about how to keep safe when you go swimming in a pool but you willl even be able to use these tips anywhere you go swimming.  So, let's go swimming!!


For  a complete list of swimming safety tips click here.  
Meet Sonny the Fish and watch an interactive story about safety and play safety trivia.  Plus this site has coloring pages and other games.
Freddo the Frog has some great games and posters to help you learn all about water.  This website has coloring pages, puzzles, and stories.
This website has some tips for water safety around the pool as well as the boat and the beach.
This website says "don't be scared be prepared".  Learn more about water safety tips around the pool, take a safety quiz, and read a story.
Encyclopedia just for kids has many tips about water safety.



Let's pretend that you are going to invite a special friend over to go swimming in your pool.  This is your friend's first time swimming in a pool.  Think about everything you have learned about being safe in the pool and what you should or should not do.  Think of the one thing that you feel is the most important that your friend needs to remember in order not to get hurt while playing in your pool.  To help your friend understand that it is something important they need to remember in order to stay safe in the pool, you are going to draw a picture of this and describe it to your friend.  Then tell your friend why it is important.


1.    Using crayons and drawing paper, draw and color a picture of the one thing you think is the most important tip your friend will need to know in order to stay safe while swimming in your pool. For a list of the tips 
click here.  Describe to your teacher what this tip is so they can write in under your picture.

2.   Show the picture to your friend and describe it to them.   Make sure they understand what  the one thing is that they need to remember.  Have your friend tell it back to you so you know for sure they understand what it is.