Where Going Places With Transportation!

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Diane's Pre-K class by Karen Pearson Wiley a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher




When You think about transportation what do you think of? Trucks...Cars...Planes...Buses? 
Transportation is very important in our lives.  Transportation helps us get to place to place without walking.  It also helps us go long distances that would be impossible to get to without transportation.
Can you image having to walk to school every day?


1.Build a truck
Go to this fun website to put pictures together to make fun words.
 You can make also make silly new types of vehicles.
2.Learn about Transportation
Come visit this website along with Otto and all of his friends to find out lots of information on transportation.
You can also join Otto in his playland.
3.Transportation Wonderland
Come visit this site to learn how to be safe around transportation vehicles.
You can also learn what certain signs on the side of the road mean.
4.Crazy Cars
This website is very fun, because you are the driver of the crazy car. 
Don't forget to snap your seat belts!
5. What is Transportation?
Come and visit this site to find out how the encyclopedia defines transportation.
You will also see how it defines other important words.
6.School Bus and School Zone
This site explains how to be safe around school buses and school bus stops.
It can also explain to your parents how to properly pass a bus.

Mission Activity
You have just been chosen by a big bicycle company to create a poster that shows kids what to wear when they ride their bike.  The company wants the poster to clearly show what safety protection the children are wearing.  After the poster is complete the company want you to explain the poster.
Misson Steps
1.   You will need to go to the bicycle website that shows us all about bike safety.
2.   Tell me three facts that you learned about bike safety.
3.   Draw a picture of your bicycle poster.
4.   What are the children wearing in your poster to protect themselves?

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