ABC easy as 123! 
This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Weeks, Pre-K Class at Moulton Branch Elementary
by: Vanessa Franks


Are you ready to learn your ABC's and 123's!!Are you ready for a sensational journey of learning?  Then this is the web-site for you!!  Explore through these web-sites and play the fun games so you can learn your Alphabet and Numbers. Be careful, because once you start learning you may not want to stop!!

abc line

abc clothesline
Do you know your ABC's? You get to pick your own letter.  This web-site will show you upper and lower case letter along with a picture.  Just click on the ABC clothesline to learn your ABC's.  
abc board
Do you know the missing letter?  The ABCow is missing a letter, and I need your help to find it!  Click on the chalkboard to help the ABCow!!
Do you need help learning your letters? This web-site will show all of  the letters in the alphabet with a picture of an animal. This is a fun and colorful web-site. Click on the ABC's. 
Can you count to ten? The train need your help to get put back together. Can you count the freight and put the train back together. 
fishy count
It is time for some fun!!! Here are three educational games.  The first one is called ABC game  and Alphabet Zoo. These games let you match up with item that goes with which letter.  The second game is Fishy Count!  The fish will come out you get to count them. 
This is a great web-site to use if you want to look up a word that you do not know. This web-site can also help you put things in Alphabetical Order.  Click on the owl to take you there. 

abc line

Mission Activity

Now that we have practiced our ABC's, it is time to put you to work.  Let's imagine that we went to the zoo today.  When you arrived, you noticed that all of the animals have escaped from their cages. The animals are put into Alphabetic order.  The Zoo Keeper is looking for someone that knows their ABC's to help him get the animals back in their correct cages.  Use this web-site called Alphabet Zoo, to help get the animals in order. If you need help, you can refer back to this web-site.

Mission Steps

1.  Refer back to the Animal Alphabet web-site if needed. 
2.  Click on the Alphabet Zoo web-page to help the Zoo Keeper put the animals back into the correct order.
3.  Carefully go through the web-site to make sure you have all the animals back in  their correct places. 
4.  One a piece of paper, draw you favorite animal in the Zoo. 
5.  Don't forget to write down the letter you used. 
6.  Share with your teacher why this is your favorite animal. 
7. Have Fun!!!

abc line

abc clothes line
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