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Choking Earth

What is Pollution?
Pollution is causing harm to the natural environment by introducing waste products.

Water pollution

Water Pollution
Many things cause water pollution. Most water pollution is casued by humans, but some pollution is caused by nature. Things that pollute our water are: sewage drainage into our water cycle, oil from vehicles, oil spills, fertilizer from crops and garbage dumps can run into our water system when it rains, hot water dumped from factories or nuclear plants, salt water can pollute fresh water, and dust and ash from volcanoes.


Land Pollution
Land pollution is caused by an excessive amount of trash going into our landfills. When too much trash is in our landfills, it can cause water pollution over time by getting in our water cycle. Another form of land pollution is littering.

Smoke Pollution

Air Pollution
Many activities of humans pollute our air. People pollute air by allowing chemicals, poisonous gases, and tiny particles of dirt to get into the air. Things that pollute the air are: factories and power plants that burn coal by giving off smoke, automobile exhaust fumes, smoke from chimeneys in houses, and volcano eruptions.


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
Most of our garbage we throw out was made from valuable natural resources. Through recycling we can reduce many of these resources by turning them into new products.

Reducing our Garbage!!
Reuse means saving items that usually would be throw out and using them again.
Recycle means to make something into a new object using something old.


Worm Composting

Composting with worms is also called vermi-composting. Composting is a way to recycle food scraps into fertilizing soil for the earth. You can recycle food scraps that you would usually throw away. Click on "Composting Slide Show" see to set up ypur own composting bin.

Composting Slide Show

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Recycling Puzzle

Boys and Girls, I hope that you have enjoyed learning about pollution, conservation, and recycling.
There is a lot more to learn so keep learning!!

Created for Mrs. Sumner's 3rd Grade class at G.O. Bailey in Tifton, GA by Mrs. Franks