Fall into Autumn
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Hart's Pre-K Class
at Odom Elementary School
Designed By Emily Weathers,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


green leaf
How do leaves reveal their fall colors? Whatch the movie about how the leaves reveal their fall colors and why they do it in the fall.
fall leaves
Why do leaves change colors? This Autumn website tells why leaves change colors the way they do.
fall tree
Why do leaves fall off in the Autumn? This web site about Autumn tells all about why the leaves fall.
pumpkin and turkey
What do pumpkins and turkeys have in common? They are both associated with the fall months. This website helps students to read a story about pumpkins and turkeys while working on other skills like shapes and color.

leaves       leaves 

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
Pretend you are visiting Maine in the fall. Draw a picture and write a letter to your class back home describing what is happening to the trees.
Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1. Visit the Maine website.
2. Draw a picture about the trees in Maine changing color.
3. You should draw the leaves starting off green then envolving into the different colors of red, orange, and yellow.
4. Explain to the teacher your drawing about the trees, so she can help you write your letter to your class.

5. Put your picture and your letter together in an envolope and place a stamp(sticker) on it.
6. Put the envolope in the mailbox.

leaves       leaves 

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