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Hi kids! Lets "Hop into Education" with me Emily Weathers. I am attending Valdosta State University, majoring in Early Childhood Education which is in the department of Early Childhood and Special Education. I have worked with children for many years from church to high school were I did youth apprenticeship. I throughly enjoy teaching and working with children.
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I was born and raised in Moultrie, Georgia, where I still live. I commute everday from there to Valdosta State. I have two jobs, one as a lifeguard at the Moultrie YMCA. The other is at the Moultrie Stadium Cienimas, where I do every and anything. I love to build things and work with power tools. During the winter I volunteer at the local high school and build sets for their annual musical. I also really like frogs and I like to collect them, if you could not already tell from the web page. In my spare time I like to watch sports, and since my brother plays four of them I get a lot of opportunites to watch them.

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Going to school to be a teacher, I sometimes need help coming up with lesson and other ideas for the classroom. I have found a few websites to help me out. One of them is The Teacher's Corner, which keeps teachers informed on news and other things such as lesson plans. Another helpful website is K-12 Elementary school website. It has lesson plans for every age group, and in many different subjects.

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Student Resources
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Ways I Can Intergrate Technology
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LiveText Portfolio
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Topic Mini-Research Website
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Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan
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E-Book Lesson Website
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E-Book Lesson Plan
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Classroom Website for Student Teaching
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Educational Activities Website for Student Teaching

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