Springtime is Here!

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Whitehead's Kindergarten class at G.O. Bailey Primary School by Vicki Jacobson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

  Spring is a time of change.  Flowers are popping up all over and the grass is turning green. Insects are showing themselves again. The daylight lasts longer and it gets warmer outside too!  Do you ever wonder why all this happens?  Come with me to find out what's behind all these marvelous changes. 

  Do you ever wonder why the temperature starts warming up in the Spring?  Have you noticed that it stays light later in the day?  To find out why this happens, go to NASA Kids
   During Springtime we have rain and even thunderstorms.  At WebWeather for Kids, you can learn about thunderstorms, tornados, and other spring weather.  You can also find out how to stay safe in "bad" weather. 
  Lets take a look and see what the weather is doing here in Tifton.  We can also find out what the weather is going to be like after school. 
  Spring is the season for planting gardens.  Would you like to learn how to plant a garden of your own?  Check out Kid's Valley Garden to learn how.
  This is the time of year we start seeing butterflies fluttering around.  To learn about the life cycle of butterflies and moths click here.
  Do you want to see some really cool pictures of butterflies and moths?  Go to Encarta Encyclopedia to learn more about these beautiful creatures.
  Do you ever wonder where to find insects or how to catch them?  Check out this cool web site to learn how.  You can also find out great facts about many different kinds of insects.
  Test your skill of concentration!  Play a fun game of Spring Concentration while identifying the signs of Spring.
  Have you colored Easter Eggs before?  Check out this web site for how to use things like spinach and coffee to color your eggs.
  Go to Brain POP to watch movies about weather and other great science stuff.  Be sure to grab some popcorn, then sit back and learn!

Scenario Mission

     You are going to pretend that you are the "Bugman" who visited our school in March.  You are going to teach our class about the life cycle of butterflies. Draw a picture for each stage of a butterfly life cycle and write a description of each stage so you will have notes to follow for your presentation.  Then you can teach your classmates.  For information about the life cycle of butterflies, go to the GSCS web site
Mission Steps
1.  Click on the two butterfies above to learn about the lifecycle of butterflies.
2.  Draw and write a description of the butterfly life cycle.
3.  Grab the microphone and present your paper to the class.
4.  Have fun!

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