Oh My!!

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Debbie's
Pre Kindergarten Class at Cook County Preschool
By Valarie Clarke, a Valdosta State University
Preservice Teacher


Welcome to the Bears corner of the woods.  They are so excited that you have come to learn with them.  bearThere are a lot of interesting facts and activities for you to look at and work with.  There are a lot of different types of bears.  There are make believe bears and live bears.  I hope you enjoy your time while learning about bears.

If you are interested in black bears,
you can come here.  There are a lot
of interesting facts.

Learn how to help Smokey Bear
prevent forest fires.

If you visit here, the Encarta Encyclopedia will tell you about bears.
At this site you can learn about the
Berenstain Bears.  Can you compare a make believe bear and a real bear.

You can work on your memory skills as you try to pair the matching bears with the Care Bears. They
are excited that you have come to visit them. 

Come play with Pooh and his friends
as you match words with their picture.

Mission Activity
paw I would like you to pretend that you are a zoo keeper and you need another bear to go in your zoo.  What type of bear would you choose?  Would you like a live Black Bear or a bear like Smokey Bear? I want you to draw a picture of the bear you choose to be in your zoo and tell me about him. paw
Mission Steps
Visit the black bear website and learn about black bears.
2. Think about how the black bear is different from a make believe bear.
3. Draw me a picture of the bear that you would want in your zoo.
4. Tell me about your bear and I will put your picture on the computer so all of your friends and family can look at it.

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