Wacky Weather !
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Davis' first grade class at James Lovett Dewar Elementary School By Victoria Whitfield, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Dog in Snow

acorn  Do you like getting wet and soggy? Of course not! No one does! Everyone wants a sunny, shiny day, right? Well I am sorry to say, but everyday will not be sunny. Everyday will not be shiny. Some days may be cold and some may be windy. Regardless of what the weather may be you will be able to overcome it. Below are websites that will give you information about those lovely days and those unlovely days. Come on, let's take a peek!!

Spring Butterfly
Spring Has Sprung

When is the first day of Spring? Can you balance a raw egg on end on the first day of Spring? This website will give you the warm information about Spring.

Summer on the Beach

What are some summer holidays? What kind of fun can you have during summer? This website gives all the hot  information to answer those questions about Summer and more!!

Autumn Trees

When do plants stop making their food? How are leaves made into brown during the fall? This website gives you all the cozy information about Fall?

Winter Trails

Do all bears hibernate in the Winter? Want to make a snowman? This site gives you all the cool information about Winter.



What are waterspouts? What percentage of tornadoes are violent tornadoes? This website contains some wild information about tornadoes and will help you answer the questions. Whew!


What is a thunderstorm? How does a thunderstorm form? This website gives you some
information about thunderstorms.


When is snow very wet and heavy? Where is the world's greatest snow castle built at? This website gives some chilly information and the answers to the questions.


What are hurricanes? What are the names of two hurricans that occurred in 2004? This website includes all the windy answers to these questions and more!!

What are earthquakes? What did Leonard's "Earthquake Buddies" teach him about earthquakes? This website includes some shaking information to answer the questions and more!


What sound does the little hailstones make? Do hailstones resemble basketballs or baseballs? This website has some damaging information !

Mission Statement
 acorn By now you should know a lot about storms and how they begin. You are now to observe some fellow classmates while the teacher has gone to the restroom. You hear a loud thump and lightning outside. The school intercom announces there is a thunderstorm and lightning.  You are to get the kids to a safe location in the room. What do you consider?

Mission Instructions:

1. Using this website, Weather Hazards, and your teachers assistance find some things to look out for and avoid.

2. Write those things on a tablet sheet and transfer it over to a poster board later to hang up for all the class to see. Illustrate some of the objects to avoid.

3. Share these hazards with your classmates and let them know what they should do at school when the teacher is out or at home with their parents.

Good job! You have saved the lives of many of your buddies. They appreciate your hard work!

cool sun                                                                                                 hot sun




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