Flower Garden
Author Eve Bunting
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Flower Garden

A little girl goes to the store with her father. They go to the store to purchase flowers. They are making a garden. She is very excited. She can't hardly wait to purchase and plant the flowers.  She watches the flowers as they go across the chechout stand at the grocery store. She watches the flowers as they walk down the street to catch the bus. She holds on to them tight as the bus goes over bumps and humps. People on the bus look at the flowers. It brings a smile to all of their face.

When the bus reaches her building, they get off the bus. She carries the flowers into the bulidng and up the stairs. She is very exhausted by the time she gets to the top of the stairs. Her father reaches for the front door to open it for her.  She rushes in and hurries her father. He sets up the paper towels and the trowel to put the flowers in. They also bought potting soil and planting mix for the flowers.  She planted pansies, daisies, daffodils, gernaiums, and tuplips. They were purple, white, yellow, orange, and red.  It was beautiful!

When the trowel was all finished, her father set the flowers in the box outside the window for all to see.  Butterflies found the garden as a resting place. Ladybugs visited as well. People who passed by looked up. They loved the colorful garden. It brightened their day. She also helped her father with the ice cream and birthday cake. It was her mother's birthday. The garden was her special surprise. She loved it!

Critical Thinking Questions

1.  What would you choose to plant in your garden?

2.  What colors would your flowers be and who would you design  your garden for?


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