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Hi! My name is Victoria Whitfield. I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I am currently seeking my Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. I plan to complete my studies from VSU in December of 2005. My goal is to one day teach and inspire young children to learn and continue learning.

walking dog    I enjoy working with children, reading, singing, and spending time alone. I have four brothers. I am the only girl! I was inspired to teach when I worked in the library at Cook Elementary School. I attended this school as well but it was known as Adel Elementary School. Now it's new and improved! My favorite websites are Hotmail, Collegeclub, and Yahoo. I visit them everyday to check emails from friends and to get any information I need.                    

dog writing    I was born and raised in Adel, Georgia. I have lived in Adel for 22 years. I attended Adel Elementary, Cook Middle, and Cook High School. I graduated from Cook High School in 2000 with honors. It is the home of the fabulous Cook County Ford! I plan to leave Adel and move to Atlanta once I graduate. I would like to visit New York, Jamaica, and Africa.

dog wagging tail    The Early Childhood and Reading Education Department is the department where my major can be found. It has all the requirements and information that I need. Valdosta State University has many other departments but this is the department for me.
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