Signs of Spring

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs.Thompson's Kindergarten class
at Moulton Branch Elementary School By Veja Dennis, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Its that time when bees sting, flowers sprout, seeds are planted, and when the sun comes shinning out. Spring is an exciting time, its one of the the fours seasons. Spring time is when life begins all over again. The grass becomes green again, the insects come out to play and the sun comes to shine its rays on the earth. Spring is also filled with lots of great holidays.  Each season have different characteristics that announce its arrival. This page will help us explore some signs that make spring different from the other seasons.

1. Ever wonder why season change? Visit NASA kids and read how sun effects the seasons.  Go to BrainPop and watch a video about the seasons.

2. The weather changes a lot during the spring. We have sunny days and rainy days. Explore spring weather by clicking Miami Museum of Science.
3. Learn about the parts of plants and make an online Plant-Parts Salad.

4.  Read a story about a girl named Dana and how she plants a garden in preparation for spring. Click on Dana's Flower Garden to read the story and complete a worksheet.

5. Learn about the seasons from an Encyclopedia.

6. Okay, so we have learned about plants, gardens, and the weather change, now lets learn about a certain insect that flutter through the air during spring. Click on  Zoom Butterflies to learn more about this springtime insect.

Mission Activity

You have just learned about spring and all the wonderful changes that it brings. Imagine that you arrive to class one day and notice that there is a new student seated next to you. Her name is Hikuku and she just moved to the United Stated from China. Hikuku is very confused about the weather change. You see back in China it was very hot. You notice her confusion and you decide to make a little book describing the seasons and the different signs of spring  through a picture. You also decide to include a a brief description of  what you like the most about spring. You can use any of the websites above to complete your assignment. Good Luck!

Mission Steps

1. Explore all of the websites above to get a good general knowledge of spring.

2. Explore the website
NASA kids , ask your teacher to help you read and understand the website. Go to the BrainPop website and watch the movie about the seasons.

3. Start  to list some of the items that you would like to include into your picture. Don't forget to include all the spring changes that you read about through the websites.

4.  Your teacher would supply you with the booklet for you to draw in.

5. Decorate the outside of your booklet. You can use markers, crayons, real grass, anything have fun with it.

6. Start to draw your picture inside the booklet, again you can use anything to make your picture. Have fun, you can go outside and collect grass, plants, or anything that has to do with spring.

7. Write a few sentences about what you like the most about spring.

8.  Share your booklets with your classmates. 

9. Turn the booklets in to your teacher . She will ship off your wonderful booklets off to real students in China.

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