Rachelle and The Magic Star
Paint Picture and Story Designed by Veja Dennis

Rachelle and her dog Rufus was walking one late night. She had to take Rufus outside to use the bathroom. Rufus was taking his precious time sniffing for the perfect spot to leave his prize. As Rufus was handling his business Rachelle looked up at the beautiful night sky. Rachelle loved stars and the moon ever since her teacher, Mrs. Thompson, introduced the class to planets and stars. Rachelle knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday in three days, she wanted a telescope. She wanted to explore the skies more. As Rachelle was looking up at the sky she notices a star strike down at an angle. She immediately ran inside to her mother.
"Mom, mom! " she exclaimed " I just saw a magic star! come outside and see the magic star!"  
Her mother ran outside.
"See!" Rachelle pointed up. She searched the sky for the magic star. "I can't find it."
"Rachelle"  her mother protested, " you do not have to lie because you are scared to come outside in the dark by yourself."
"No really, I saw a star shoot down really fast and it was bright and it  sprinkled all over the world."
Rachelle's Mother laughed " Oh, honey you saw a shooting star."
"No! it was my magic star!" Rachelle protested.
"Ok, it was your magic star."
"Will it come back?" Rachelle asked.
"It will come back again sometime."
Rachelle was so excited. She could not wait until tomorrow night to look for her magic star.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. How would you change the main charater?
2. Where would your story take place?
3. What would happen to the main character in your story?
4. How would your story end?


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