Start your engines!
Let's Talk Transportation!

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Mariah Elder's Kindergarten Class
at Lomax Pinevale Elementary by Valerie Cason,
 a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Have you ever wondered how you get from your home to your school and back again?   Or, have you wondered how your parents get to work and back home again. There are many different ways to get from one place to another.  You can get somewhere in a bus, car, plane, train, bike, motorcycle, or even a cab.  

Have you ever wondered what you travel on to get to your school.  It is called a highway.  Go to the Federal Highway Administration website and take a look.

You are going with your parents to pick out the family's next vehicle.  Your dad wants a truck and your mom wants a van.  Which vehicle do you want to ride in?

Stop Sign
Ever wondered why so many adults drive the same way? Check out the Safety Rules you should follow while driving or riding with your parents
train_steam_engine_md_wht.gif All Aboard for the North Carolina RailRoad! Make sure you introduce yourself to Dot, The "Littlest" Engineer too.
traffic_light_green_md_wht.gif Ever wondered who came up with the traffic signal.  Garrett Augustus Morgan has something to tell you!
dr1_ground_md_wht.gif Always remember... You Can Fly! Meet some people who fly and see how it is done.

Playing with Toy Cars
What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up I want to be... (after viewing the site come  up with an answer) make sure you check out the poem at the bottom of the page.
car_running_md_wht.gif Ever wondered where we got transportation from? Get the history of transportation here!

moving sailboat

  Christopher Columbus and his mayden voyage.  Take a look at the games and the activities as you learn more about him and his boats.
How would you feel if your school bus looked like this one? Would you want to come to school in this?


You are a reporter for The Travel Channel.  The editor, your boss, has given you a special assignment.  You have to travel to Cancun, Mexico and report on the travel conditions. 

    Your editor wants you to tell about your trip and report on the transportation device you will use to travel in for your article.  You will need to describe how you get to your destination. 

     In addition, your editor wants you to draw a picture of each of the transportation devices you used and include them in your article on The Travel Channel website. 

       The TopicQuest Page has some links you might want to stop at in your vehicle for transportation information. The  The Travel Channel website tells about transportation throughout the city.

Have a Good Trip!

Mission Steps

1. Explore with your teacher The Travel Channel for information to write your article and draw pictures for The Travel Channel's website.

2. Write or describe to your teacher a transportation devices and compare them in your article. 

      3. Add the drawing of the transportation to your article.
      4. Give your article and drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.


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