The Case of the Missing Socks
Author: Rebecca Grand, Illustrator: Jeffrey Severn
Designed By Valerie Cason

case of the missing socks

What Is This Story About?

Wembley and Boober lived down in Fraggle Rock.  Wembley heard Boober scream and went to see what was wrong.  Boober was looking at his closthesline.  He noticed that another sock was missing from the clothesline.  He told Wembley that every morning he comes down to take his socks off the line, one is missing.  Wembley told him that fraggles don't steal. 

They began their mission together to see who was really stealing Boober's socks.  They made a trap that they thought was sure to trap the theif.  They stayed up all night to see what it was.  They tried to figure out what could possibly need only one sock. 
Then they heard something.  When they looked in the trap there was nothing there.  They heard a noise and began to follow it up and down and around and out of Fraggle Rock and into the wilds of the Gorg's Garden.  The garden was dark, but they continued to follow the noise.  They stopped at a tree and followed the noise all the way to the top. 

They saw what took the socks.  It was flutterbugs.  Baby flutterbugs were in each one of Boober's socks.  The mother flutterbug had taken a sock for each one of her babies so they would be warm and have a place to sleep at night.  Wembley told Boober, "if you're not aftaid to go looking, sometimes you can find something worth looking for".

Critical Thinking Questions

1.  If you were Boober, what would you have done to try and find your missing socks?

2.  What would be another kind of trap you would set up to catch the sock thief?

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