Fall For Fun
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for Mrs. Connies's Pre K Class at Cook County Primary School
Designed By Tawuana Gaines, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

A picture of a turkey and pumpkin.

A orange pumpkin with green leaves.

Do you know what colors and sizes pumpkins come in?  Click here to see pumpkins of all different colors and sizes.

Many orange pumpkins.

When and how to grow pumpkins?
This is an excellent website on the history of pumpkins, how to grow them, and care for them.

Three singing turkeys.
What is Thanksgiving and why do we celebrate it?
Explore this website to find out more about Thanksgiving.

Yellow, brown, and red leaves.
Do you know why leaves change colors in the fall?
The Yahooligans website has a great movie that you can watch to learn how and why leaves change colors in the Fall.

Mini-Research Real-World Activity
A carved pumpkin.
Ok, you have just learned all about Pumpkins. You learned how to grow pumpkins, the different sizes, and shapes of pumpkins. Now I want you to imagine that your class is on a field trip at Pal's Playful Pumpkin Patch.
As you begin your tour through the pumpkin patch pay close attention to the size and color of the pumpkins.  Can you tell me what color pumpkins you see and how big they are?  Now that your field trip is over and you have returned to class you will create your own Playful pumpkins. Follow the steps below to make Pal's Playful Pumpkins.
Steps For Real-World Activity
1)  Explore the websites about Pumpkins and how to grow pumpkins.
2)  As you are viewing the website think about what kind of pumpkin you would like to create.  What color and size?  Its up to you.
3)  Now make your very own pumpkin using the provided materials (paper plates, crayons, markers, stems, leaves, and popsicle sticks.  Remember to be creative!
4)  Be prepared to share Pal's Pumpkins with your class.

Topic Literature Activity

Too Many Pumpkins
Linda White
Front cover of the book, Too Many Pumpkins.

Topic Litertature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

A. Orange PumpkinClick here to visit a great website about pumpkins.
B.  Critical Thinking Questions

1. If you were Rebecca Estelle what would you would do with a yard full of pumpkins?

2. Can you tell me what kinds of foods you can make with pumpkins?

Pilgrims praying.

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A blinking pumpkin.


Fall leaves.

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A pumpkin winking it's eye.

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A waving turkey.

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