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Tasandra West     

Hello! My name is Tasandra West. I am originally from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I was born and raised there and absolutely love my country! In the tenth grade my family and I decided to move to Marietta, Georgia because of the warm climate and change of scenery. It was one of the BEST moves we made because living in Georgia has opened up my eyes to many different opportunities. I graduated from Marietta High School in 2005. After some contemplation of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I decided upon becoming a teacher so that I can help impact the next geneartion of students. Currently, I am a senior at Valdosta State University majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education and absolutely love the program. I can't wait to start my career!

A little about myself... I LOVE my family! I am the middle child in my household. I have a beautiful older sister named Kimberly and a handsome younger brother named Montel. My parents definitely mean the world to me and have been my greatest support system ever! I am also in a wonderful relationship with another one of my biggest supporters and his name is Jonathan! Along with family being a BIG part of my life, I am also very invested in my cultural background, Jamaica and Guyana! In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends, singing, going to church and lounging around watching televsion and movies. One of my favorite websites to go on is Facebook, because it is a great way to keep me connected to the family and friends I don't get to see or talk too often!

Jon and Me mommy and me west siblings parents

Jonathan and I                                                  Mommy and I                                                 The West Siblings                                     Daddy and Mommy

My passion for teaching comes from a very insightful quote that I found, "The beautiful thing about learning is that NO ONE can take it away from you"- B.B. King. That is such a powerful saying in my opinion because if an educator is able to influence and teach a child something they will take for the rest of their life, then YOU have truly made an impact in that persons life. I am so invested in the next generation and being able to be that person to help take their learning to the next level, therefore I know being a successful teacher is what and who I strive to be. With the internet at our fingertips there are so many helpful and entertaining websites to grasp the attention of many students; one in particular is a website called Apple For Teachers. This website is very parent and teacher friendly and gives great educational resources for kids in Pre-K through 6th grade. One other helpful website is A to Z Teacher Stuff, which is a site that gives FREE lesson plans, activities, thematic units, teaching tips, articles, etc. It's always important to have as many helpful resources as necessary when preparing to teach children!

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