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My name is Tiersa Stalvey.  I am a senior at Valdosta State University. My major is Special Education in the Early Childhood/Special Education Department. I am the mother of two wonderful children. My daughter, Courtni, is a sophomore at Valdosta State University. My son, Cale, is a senior at Lowndes High School. Through peaks and valleys over the last few years, God has opened the door for me to become an educator.

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I absolutely adore my family. They are more important to me than words can express. My role as a mother has been my greatest accomplishment and joy. I have enjoyed participating in my children's class parties, serving as an officer of the PTA, being room mom, band chaperone, and cheering at football games and band competitions throughout my children's school careers.  Now those days are gone and I have made the decision to finish college.  I have also found new hobbies to occupy my time. One of my new hobbies is cooking. I love Paula Deen, so I frequently visit her website: pauladeen.com. I am involved in a Paula Deen supper club and we enjoy trying many of her recipes.

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As an education major I spend quite a bit of time surfing the internet for creative ideas.  I like reading the information for teachers on the following sites:  ScholasticBright From The Start, and Georgia Department of Education.  These websites also provide great information for parents.  Other parent friendly websites that address academics as well as special needs of children include: Parents and Family Education.

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