Topic Mini-Research & Literature Activities
for Creep Crawly Creatures
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Moranda's Kindergarten Class
at Berrien Elementary School
Designed By Teri Barton,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

bug paints

crawling spider
Are you interested in different types of bugs? 
Well at this insect site you can find out all about them!

orange butterfly
Have you ever wondered how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly?
Learn how a caterpillar goes through its life cycles on this tour.

real cricket
Do you like to go on field trips?
Take a trip on the magic school bus and see what Ms Frizzle has in store.

lots of flies
Are you a fan of bugs?  Do you wish you wonder why they call them pest?
Well on a site all about Pest you can unravel the true reasons why a bug is called a pest and on the Orkin page you can name that pest!

queen ant
Do the bugs of today excite you and make you want to investigate all about them?
There is a site called insecta where you can click the name and all the information will be revealed.

Bugs Real-World Activity
ATTENTION: Calling All PI's (private investigators)
In Mrs. Teri's creepy crawly bug activity, we are going to become Private investigators.  We are being called upon to get down to the bottom of what is happening to the caterpillars. As a private "eye", we will all need the correct gear to find out why a caterpillar disappears and a butterfly appears?  We will have to explore out into the world to investigate the life cycle and what happens at each stage.  Detailed drawings of each cycle will be recorded and inspected to draw a conclusion.   Don't worry class, the end results will be in our favor!

Steps for Bugs Real-World Activity

1. Explore the tour of a butterfly life cycle site with the teacher and take notes.
2. After exploring put on your investigators coat and thinking cap!  Get ready to get down to business.
3. Pull from memory or notes what different stages the caterpillars went through.  (4 stages)
4. Use your investigators pamphlet to draw detailed account for what is happening to the caterpillar. 
5. Show an example of each stage, taking a walk through the investigation.

6. Draw out conclusions about what is occurring in each cycle.
7. Color and label each stage of the investigation..
8. Now Mrs. Teri will help you come up with sentences to describe the stages in detail.
9. Pairs to share your findings.  Talk about your investigation of the caterpillars disappearing and a butterfly appearing. 

10. Take a field trip outdoors to try and catch a butterfly in action.

Bugs Literature Activity

bug safari
By: Bob Barner

Bugs Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

1. What would you do if you could go on a Safari like the boy in the story and why?
2. Why do you think ants march?  Explain your reasons.

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