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    Ciao! Uva venuta di gather di formazione!  My name is Teri Barton , and I 
                            (Hello! Come gather grapes of education) Italian

  am a Junior at Valdosta State University.  I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.  My projected graduation is in December 2007.

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    I married into a military lifestyle on May 28 and my husband was stationed at Moody Air Force Base after graduating from the Air Force Academy in 2004.  My original hometown is Hardee County in Florida where my family still resides.   I received my associates degree in Elementary Education from South Florida Community College before moving to Valdosta.

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    When I find time away from school and family work, I enjoy playing with my dog, Emma,emma close and hanging out with friends.  Emma is a registered Vizsla.  I received scuba certification my sophomore year of high school with my swim team and have been diving ever since.  I have been diving in the Florida Keys, Crystal River, Jamaica, West Palm, and many other exciting places.  


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    For Future Teachers!  I found a few interesting website.  This
educational site has great student activities.  Also the NOAA Education site is helpful. 
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There is a website to help teachers publish on the web and find creative ideas called teacher web.

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Student Resources
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Ways I Can Integrate Technology
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LiveText Portfolio
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Topic Mini-Research & Literature Website

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Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan
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Topic Literature Lesson Plan
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Electronic Reading Activity
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Inspiration Concept Map

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