American Symbols
The topic of Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
 Ms. Nix's Kindergarten Class at Berrien County Primary School
Designed by Renee Williamson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


What are the colors of our American Flag? What does each color represent? Come with me to find out more about our American Flag! Click here to see more interesting facts about the American Flag!
What is the national bird of America? Is the Bald Eagle really bald and have no feathers?  Click here to find out more about the Bald Eagle!
Have you ever visited the White House? Today we are going to get the chance to tour the inside of the White House through The White House for Kids!
tHas anyone ever seen the Statue of Liberty? I have, and today I want to take you on a trip to the Statue of Liberty as well! Follow me as we visit one of America's most famous landmarks.

TopiAmerican Symbols Real World Activity

    Imagine the President of the United States is having a huge party to celebrate the Statue of Liberty's birthday, but he does not have any decorations.  He just heard that you recently studied the Statue of Liberty in your American symbols lesson and he personally wants you to make the decorations.  The President wants you to make a torch resembling that of the Statue of Liberty, and include one fact you learned from your American symbol lesson about the Statue of Liberty on the decoration.  Visit the Statue of Libery website to see an up close view of the torch.  He then wants us to send the decorations to New York where the celebration will be held.  Once your decoration is complete Ms. Renee will scan the pictures and put them on the internet.

tSteps to Complete Real-World Activity

1. Go through the American Symbols websites.
2. Focus and discuss facts about the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty's birthday is in October.
3.The President wants our class to make the decorations for the Statue of Liberty's birthday party.
4. You will need one toilet paper roll, yellow and red tissue paper, one pencil, and glue.
5. Once your torch and fact  is complete, glue your fact around the handle of the torch.

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