No, David!
By: David Shannon
Page Designed By: Trennia Johnson


                David Shannon has written a wonderful book that I feel all children can relate to. The pictures are bright and as full of energy as the main character, David.  David Shannon wrote this book when he was but a child and his mother kept it for him all these years. David tells a wonderful story of  no-no's that all children had committed at sometime in their life.
                As a child David was very energetic.  He colored on walls, played with his food, wanted to take his goldfish for a walk, and ran through the streets necked.  David was told NO! to all these things and still found more to do.
                Even though David does several things that he is told NO DAVID! time and time again, we see at the end of the book that his mother still very much loves him for the wonderful person he is.

Critical Thinking
 1. Have you ever done some of things that David did?  And if so what did you do and were you told no also?
2. Even though David's mother tells him no throughout the book, does she still love him?  How do you know?

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