Types of Weather
This topic quest was designed for Mrs. Griffin's class at Cook County Primary School by Trusha Patel, a Valdosta State University Pre-service Teacher.

Ever wonder what makes the rain or why rain turns to snow? Why don't we have snow in Adel? What causes hurricanes and tornadoes and what do you do to take safety precautions in bad weather?  Explore with me to find out!

Where does rain come from? Why is there dew on the ground in the mornings? 
What causes snow? What's the difference in snow and sleet? 
Why is a breeze always cool? Find out what wind chill is.
How fast does a tornado spin? Did you know that they can lift objects larger than elephants?
Where does lightning strike? What does it feel like to be hit by lightning
Why doesn't this picture look like the sun? Is the sun a giant rock? 
Do leprochauns really make the rainbows? Why do you usually only see half of a rainbow?
Ever wonder where hurricanes form and why? They are always round and have an eye in the center.

Do you know what to do if dangerous weather strikes in your town? Make a disaster kit and become a Disaster Action Kid.
Do you need a coat tommorrow? Will you get wet if you try to play softball this afternoon? Check your local forecast to find out.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Now, imagine that you are a meteorologist in that place.  You have been asked by the mayor of the town (or ruler of your country) to predict the weather for the next day.  Think about where your town is located (for example is it next to the ocean or in the mountains?).  What type of weather might occur in your town? On a piece of posterboard, draw a background photo of your predictions.  Your background photo will be behind you when you are filming your prediction so draw large pictures and bright colors.
Mission Steps

1. Using a map, select your favorite place to live.  Remember, it can be anywhere in the world.

2. Think about where the place is located.  Predict the weather for your favorite place.

3. Using a sheet of posterboard, draw a picture of your place and what kind of weather may occur there. Be sure to inlcude at least two types of weather from the links above.

4. Your classmates will be the citizens of your favorite place.  You will present your picture to them and explain to them what your weather prediction is and why you predicted it. Your prediction will be posted in the Internet.

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