Let's Play in the Dirt
This TopicQuest was designed for Mr. Crosby's Kindergarten Class at Sunset Elementary School By Tamie Fulgham, a Valdosta State Preservice Teacher

planting a tree

     One of the best things about Fall is watching things grow.  Did you know that you can plant a seed and watch it grow?  It could be a flower, a plant, or even a tree.  This web site is designed to teach you about the different parts of plants and flowers and how they grow.  Plants are living organisms that need food, water, and sometimes sunlight to grow.   The following  links will explore everything you need to know about  a plant's life.


flower in a pot
How do plants grow?  
What is pollination?
These questions and more can
 be answered at Kid Port

Would you like to grow your own plants?
It is easy and fun.
Let's go to the Global Garden

flower with butterflies
Insects love plants,
but plants doesn't love insects.
Which insects are bad for plants?

growing plant
Plants have many parts just like you.
They each have a name and a function.
What are the parts of the plant?

Would you like to plant a garden?
  This site will show you how .
Kid's Valley Garden

gardening tools
Plants are not only pretty,
they are important.
Why do we need plants?

Mission Activity

     You should now be a plant expert. Do you know the parts of a plant?  Draw a picture of a plant and label it's roots, stem, leaves, and flower (or fruit).  The teacher will scan your picture onto the Internet so other students can learn about the parts of the plant. 

Mission Steps

1.  Go to the Great Plant Escape and read about the different parts of the plant (with the teachers help if needed).

2.  Draw a picture of a plant.

3.  Label the different parts of the plant using the information from the Great Plant Escape.

4.  Share the picture with the teacher and point to each part of the plant that you labeled.

balance beam
Tamie's Tumble Time
email flowers
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