Dodging Damaging Drugs
This TopicQuest was designed for Whitney and Devin and developed in regard to 4th grade,
By Michelle Taft, a Valdosta State University Pre service Teacher

Has anyone ever asked you to smoke or even do drugs? Did you know that a National survey of 8th graders showed that 11 out of 100 kids smoke tobacco? Do you realize that marijuana causes short-term memory loss and a lack of knowledge? Do you think that you would ever do drugs? Follow the links below to learn cool but scary facts about drugs and alcohol.

Because sometime, somewhere you may be offered alcohol. Here's where you can see that its ok to turn down a drink.
Do you think you're cool? Then  D.A.R.E. to be unique and drug free, because the "Kool Kids" don't use drugs.
Curious to know what drugs, alcohol, inhalants, and marijuana do to the brain? Want more cool facts about drugs? Check it out here.

Ever met someone who had a drug problem? Go here to hear what drugs did to the lives of ex-addicts. You can also discover new facts about drugs at this website.
Want to explore the effects of drugs? How about testing your knowledge about drugs and possibly winning a prize? Come with Sara and do these things and more.
Need information about drugs or other topics? Try looking up your topic at

"Drugs can make an idiot out of a genius."

    Imagine that you are a hot, new actor/writer in Hollywood. You have hundreds of offers pouring in every month to do movies, sitcoms, talk shows, commercials, etc. The only offer you consider this week is an infomercial that pays near to nothing. You call the organization and accept the job. You "mission" is to write a short 2-3 minute scene in which you are being offered drugs. The scene must involve a "pusher" as well as you, and you must include reasons why you don't want the drug.The organization has provided you with several address to websites that may help you in your mission, you choose to rely mainly on one address. After you and the "pusher" have the scene wrote, you must rehearse it, then act it out for the camera.

1.) Visit all the links in the table above and explore the website they link to.
2.) Imagine that you are a famous actor/writer.
3.) Visit the address above.
4.) Get with your partner.
5.) Write out a short scene (2-3 minutes) in which someone is pushing drugs and someone else is refusing them and explaining why drugs are bad.
6.) Decide who will be the "pusher" and who will be the "informant".
7.) Act the scene out for your teacher.

                                        "Break a Leg!!"

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