Bugsville U.S.A.
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Reeve's Kindergarten
Class at Lake Park Elementary School By Tonya Stalvey,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

ant by house

There are many different kinds of insects in the world.  Although insects are some of the smallest "critters" around,  they are also some of the strongest.  Did you know many insects can carry 50 times their own weight?  That would be like an adult person lifting two heavy cars full of people!  Come on into "Bugsville" and learn some interesting facts about us!

ants marching

lady bugs Are all lady bugs girls?  These cute little buggers are welcome in all gardens!  Meet us at this website and learn more about us!
bee crawling around
Did you know that to make one pound of honey, worker bees in a hive must fly 55,000 miles and tap two million flowers?  That's a lot of buzzing around!   Here's a good place to learn more about bees. . . just fly on in!
mosquito hawk
Dragonfly or Mosquito Hawk, it doesn't matter what you call them. . . they're the same critter!  There are between 400-500 species of dragonflies in the United States alone.  This website has lots of cool information on them.  To enter this website, type "hello" for the user name and type "enter" for the password.  The beautiful pictures are worth the effort!
crawling ant
Would you believe that some queen ants can live up to ten or even twenty years?  There is a lot more to ants than meets the eye.   Crawl on in and learn lots about ants!

caterpillar crawling
Do you know what camouflage is?  Some insects use mimicry to look like something that they really aren't.  Take a look and see if you can find the insects!
It's spring again.  Flowers blooming, birds singing, and that annoying buzzing in your ears.  Yes, the mosquitos are back!  Visit this site for tips on avoiding mosquitos!
color crayon butterfly Betcha didn't know insects could be so much fun!  Jump into this website and just go buggy.  There are lots of fun activities to do at this site!
Many butterflies can taste with their feet to find out whether the leaf they sit on is good food.  What if you could taste with your feet?  Lots of fun butterfly facts here!
yellow butterfly
Fabulous fun facts about bugs!  This is one neat place to learn some really interesting facts about insects.
dragon fly
Would you like to make a dragonfly of your very own?  This website has easy to follow instructions for making your very own mosquito hawk.  The best part of all, you don't have to feed this pet!

bee flying to hive

Your Mission:
Today you are a research scientist studying insects.  You are going on a field trip to look for different kinds of insects.  Part of your mission will be bringing back a journal of the insects found on your trip.  Learn where to look for insects and how to make an insect collection of your very own.  If you discover a new insect species, you get to name it whatever you wish!  Good luck on your jouney!!

butterfly line

Mission Steps:
1.  Visit the insect collection website for tips on where to look for insects and different methods used for collecting them.

2.  Draw a picture of one of the insects we visited in the first ten links in the section above. 

3.  Imagine you have discovered a new insect species no one has ever seen before!  Draw a picture of this insect so the world can learn about it.

4.  For each of the insects, tell Miss Tonya where you found the insect so she can "log" the information for your journal.  Did you trap the insect or were you able to observe the insect on its own?

5.  Give the pictures to Miss Tonya.  She will publish your jounal entry with the picture you drew on the Internet!

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