Come Grow With Me!
Designed by Tonya Stalvey
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    Hi! My name is  Tonya Stalvey and I live in the small rural town of Dupont.  I am currently a Junior at Valdosta State University pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I am so excited about becoming a teacher and helping children to learn new and exciting things!
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    I enjoy almost anything that allows me to be outdoors with my children.  One of my favorite things to do is gardening. rainbow ladybug  I am amazed how one can plant the smallest seed, nurture and care for it, then watch it grow into something absolutely beautiful.  I feel this applies to children as well as plants!  In the hot summer months my daughters and I enjoy snorkeling for scallops at Keaton Beach, Florida.  The ocean is like another world!  
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orange shell
orange shell
orange shell
orange shell
orange shell
orange shell
orange shell
orange shell

    I love to travel and enjoy watching the countryside, noticing how the land changes from place to place.  My dream vacation would include visiting many different states here in America, not only to see the country but to meet the people as well.  I would love to see Pennsylvania during the apple harvest before traveling out west to visit The Grand Canyon.
    Thanks for visiting my page and remember to never stop growing . . . each day is a new learning experience!
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smiling flowers
smiling flowers

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