is for Snake


This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Roesh's Kindergarten Class
at Dewar Elementary School By Keontà Samuel, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

     Have you seen the letter S? Do you know any words that begin with the letter S? Of Course you have, many of us use the letter S everyday without evern knowing. Can you think of how many times you us use the letter s in a day? Can you think of how many items you use that begin with the letter S. This webpage is made just for you to have fun discovering the amazing sounds and shapes of the letter S. Click on the links below and you can begin to discover many fun games.

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Strawberries are sweet. Find out about different foods that beging with the letter "S" and learn how to play fun games using the letter "S".
Have you ever made a school house out of squares? Then stop and click on Pooh to print out fun activities for the letter "S".
Click on the socks to play games with the letter "S". Have you ever met the letter "S" friends A-Z ? At this website you will get to know them all have fun!!!
Click on Sammy the Slippery Snake to find out cool information on the snake family. Have You ever seen a snake before?
Play a fun sound matching game buy clicking on the sneaky spider. Do you know what sound the letter S makes?
Can the letter S have a tune? Slowly learn fun letter S alphabet songs by clicking on the slimmy snail.

blue bear

Mission Project

     You have been selected to complete a mission that no one else has ever been able to accomplish. In order to be the top agent you must complete the following mission.The name of this mission is to search for the S in the sands. In order to find it you must be able to sound out the letter, create it with a pencil and identify it among other tricky letters.

Mission Steps

1. Visit this Website to find out about the Letter "S".
2. Draw on colorful picture of an animal, food, and object that begins with the letter "S".
3. List three of your favorite words that begin with the letter "S"
4. Give each activity to the teacher to present to the class to see who is the top agent!

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