Bounce Into Education
Mr. Tyler's Special Needs Pre-K
Designed By: Tyler Bailey

My name is Tyler Bailey and a recent graduate of The University of Georgia.  This is my first year of teaching and second semester in my Masters program through Valdosta State University.  I teach at Still Elementary located in Powder Springs, Georgia.  The school is part of the second largest school system in the state of Georgia, Cobb County.  I am a Special Needs Pre-K Teacher.  What is so ironic about teaching at Still is that I went their as a student.  It is very rewarding to return as a teacher and work with some of the same educators who were there while I attended the school.  We have a great students and staff, and I am very fortunate to be apart of the school.

Outside of school I love to play tennis and run.  Tennis is a sport that I have played for over half my life and running is a way to challenge myself as an athlete.  I recently completed my first half marathon this spring.  I am continuing to train for a full marathon and triathlon.  Along with being an athlete myself I coach swimming for my old high school with my former coach.  Besides sports I am a photographer and ceramist.   Art is a huge part of my life; it surrounds everything that I do.  I like to look at the world through art.  This summer I will be teaching elementary and middle grades Summer Art Camp.

My class is a Special Needs Pre-K classroom.  My students range in disability and age from 3-5.  In my class we work on expanding the students social norms and preparing them for kindergarten.  Our day begins after the ring of the morning bell.  We start our day with coloring and morning snack.  Morning circle follows, it is a time where we greet each other discuss the weather, and look at the calendar.  After circle we go outside and play for about 20 minutes.   In returning to the classroom we participate in Smart Moves and then developmental centers.  Dance and movement follows centers, and lunch follows movement.  My students who are 3 stay a half day and leave school after lunch.  The older ones stay a full day and we work on literacy centers.  In literacy centers we work on the alphabet and numbers.  After a day full of activities the students are sent home at 2pm.

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