VSU LPES Equipment Listing

  • Instrument: Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Meter and Two Hand Held Oxygen meters.
    Manufacturer: YSI Incorporated.
    Notes: For dissolved oxygen.
  • Instrument: Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Sulfur Detector.
    Manufacturer: Perkin-Elmer Corporation.
    Model: PE 2400 Series II.
    Notes: Measures relatively high percentages ( 0.0l%) of the nonmetals using a combustion process.
  • Instrument: Gas Chromatograph.
    Manufacturer: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments.
    Model: GC-14APdF.
    Notes: The system will be optimized for analysis of hydrocarbon mixtures (fuels, oils, grease, etc.) and will be fitted with an autosampler.
  • Instrument: High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) system.
    Manufacturer: Dionex Corporation.
    Model: DX500.
    Notes: Can be used for molecular detection using a UV/VIS column.
  • Instrument: Inductively Coupled Plasma -- Atomic Emission Spectrometer.
    Manufacturer: Perkin-Elmer Corporation.
    Model: Optima 3000.
    Notes: Can simultaneously detect up to 70 elements (typically metals) at the parts per billion level. Is equipped with an AS-90 autosampler.
  • Instrument: Ion Chromatograph (IC) for anion/cation detection.
    Manufacturer: Dionex Corporation.
    Model: DX500.
    Notes: The IC can be used for trace analysis of a variety of anions (e.g. halides, phosphate, sulfate, nitrate,etc.). It can also be used in conjunction with the ICP-AES to identify the oxidation number of certain metals at trace levels.
  • Instrument: Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer.
    Manufacturer: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments.
    Notes: Used for larger particle sizes (micron to 2-3 mm range).
  • Instrument: Ozone Reaction Chamber.
    Manufacturer: PCI Ozone and Control Systems.
    Notes: This setup allows industry to test ozone on various samples (potentially moveable). Ozone is being widely used to treat wastewater for the reduction of molecular contaminants, color reduction, etc.
  • Instrument: Remote Station.
    Manufacturer: YSI Incorporated.
    Notes: The station will be located in the pond and continously take data. It has pH, ORP, DO, turbimetry, light flux, conductivity and temperature electrodes.
  • Instrument: Research Grade Microscope.
    Manufacturer: Olympus.
    Notes: The microscope is equipped with 10X, 20X, 40X, and 100X fluorite infinity-corrected objectives suitable for brightfield, darkfield, DIC, and fluorescence microscopy. Included in the system is an automatic 35 mm camera system for documentation and publication purposes.
  • Instrument: Research Vessel.
    Notes: A 14 foot John boat equipped with an electric motor, 6 hp gas motor, sonar, GPS, and a hole in the middle of the boat for coring lake bottoms.
  • Instrument: Size Exclusion Chromatography set-up.
    Manufacturer: Dionex.
    Notes: The SEC set-up will be able to fractionate and give MW over the range 100 to 10 million. It will be equipped with a UV/VIS detector and a fraction collector.
  • Instrument: Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA).
    Manufacturer: Perkin-Elmer Corporation.
    Model: TGA 7.
    Notes: Used for quality temperature dependent measurements.
  • Instrument: UV/VIS Spectrometer.
    Manufacturer: Perkin-Elmer.
    Model: Lambda 11.
    Notes: For color measurements
  • Instrument: Weather Station.
    Notes: The weather station will continous monitor parameters such as rainfall, temperature, wind, and average sunlight.

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