A Feast for Thanksgiving!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Melissa's Pre-k Class at Cook Primary School
Designed By Tiffani Rucker, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Have you ever seen a real live turkey?  What are male turkeys called?  How fast can turkeys fly?
Thanksgiving Feast
This website has a poem about a Thanksgiving feast and about being thankful.  What are you thankful for?
Isn't Thanksgiving food just delicious!  This website integrates the letters of the alphabet with items of a Thanksgiving dinner.  Can you find your favorite side dish?
Indian and Pilgrim Feast Do you know what the Pilgrims wore when they landed on Plymouth Rock?  This website describes the clothing in detail what the women, men and children wore.
Fall Leaves
When is Thanksgiving celebrated?  Thanksgiving feast and traditions vary from country to country.  Can you find some variations?

Mission Activity

Our class is going to travel back in time to the first actual Thanksgiving celebration.  This celebration was between the Indians and Pilgrims as the Indians welcomed the Pilgrims to Plymouth Rock.  We are going to divide the class into two sections, half will be Indians and the other half will be Pilgrims.  Each of you will choose a dish of food to bring to the feast. 

Mission Activity Steps

Step 1:  Using the provided link, A,B,C Feast and the help of your instructor, explore              the different dishes to a Thanksgiving feast.

Step 2:  As your exploring take notes or mental images and choose a dish you want                  to bring to the feast.

Step 3:  Draw and color the dish you chose to bring.

Step 4:  Label and describe or dictate to the teacher the type of dish you have drawn.

Step 5:  As we assemble for the Thanksgiving dinner bring your picture to the table                  where we will enjoy our meal.

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