Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Retold and Illustrated by Jan Brett
Picture and Story by Tawanna Merritt


    Goldilocks and The Three Bears is about a little girl who wanders into the woods and finds a house owned by three bears. She goes inside the house and discovers that no one is home.
    Then Goldilocks decides to eat the bears' food, break the baby bear's chair, and go upstairs. When she gets in the bedroom she falls asleep in one of the bears' bed.

    While Goldilocks is sleeping the three bears return home to find out that someone has been in their house. Then they hear a noise upstairs and to their surprise they find Goldilocks upstairs asleep in the baby bear's bed.

What do you think will happen to Goldilocks when she wakes up and sees the three bears in the room with her?

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