Dinosaurs on the Prowl
           This TopicQuest was designed for my special First Grade students By Tricia Harmon, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

        I love dinosaurs.  They are so cool.  I know alot of you guys love dinosaurs too. So, I have made this cool web site for you to visit.  Here you can find links to other web sites about dinosaurs.  You can learn some neat facts about dinousaurs, look at great pictures of dinousaurs, learn all the different types of dinosaurs, and see Sue, the real life dinosaur fossil that lives in a museum in South Dakota.

Discovery Kids has alot of great links.  You can listen to how the dinosaurs might have sounded, look at video clips of dinosaurs and learn interesting fact as well.
Have you ever heard of a Stegasaurus?Here is an alphabetical list of all the dinosaurs you could ever think of.

Go to Encyclopedia.com to find out all kinds of interesting facts about dinosaurs.

Factmonster Science is a great site that has questions that you can answer about dinosaurs.  Then it tells you whether you are right or wrong and what the answer is.
Enchanted Learning is an awesome site for everything you could ever want to know about dinosaurs plus, there is even a place to print picures of dinosaurs for you to color yourself.

Have you ever heard of Tyrannosaurus Sue?  Here is a great site to learn all about her.

Mission Project

Imagine you are walking through the woods when you discover some strange footprints.  Dinosaur footprints!  Because you are an expert on dinosaurs now, you are able to discover what type of dinosaur prints you have discovered.  Now you are going to be famous!
 But you are going to have to prove yourself first.  You need to be able to name and describe some facts about your dinosaur.  Hint:  Your Instructor and the Enchanted Learning Webpage will help you be able to do this.
                                        Mission Steps

1.  Explore the  Enchanted Learning website with your instructor.  While exploring the website find the dinosaur you will describe.

2.  Draw a picture of the dinosaur you discovered.

3.  Under the picture write three facts that describe your dinosaur.

4.  Share your picture and your facts with the other students and your instructor.

Mission Accomplished!
Great Job!



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